Brunnenviertel residents join in discussions on the QAH.

In an exchange of ideas with local participants, business owners from around the Brunnenviertel and residents from surrounding neighborhoods during our first residents’ discussion of 29th July 2021, we looked at questions such as: What should the future Quartier am Humboldthain look like? What should it be used for? And by whom?

Mr. Scheffer from Jahn, Mack & Partner presented the results from the most recent workshops as well as any still open questions. The ideas and suggestions were grouped into themes of interest by the team of moderators, which could then be viewed by everyone and added to on site. Information about the industrial history of the Berlin site was provided through an exhibition and a short film, while District Councilor Gothe, along with representatives for both the District and Berlin Senate, spoke about opening up the development with passageways and possible links to the surrounding area and Volkspark Humboldthain.


We look forward to continuing the lively discussion with any further suggestions and ideas in our closing workshop on 18th August 2021. Be there!