The two-stage urban planning competition for the QAH has begun with the distribution of the tender documents to renowned architectural firms. The offices are now faced with the task of finding innovative urban development solutions in the direct vicinity of the AEG architecture, which is significant in terms of building and industrial history. The first stage of the urban planning competition ends with the submission of the designs mid of February 2022, at which the eight best designs will be awarded prizes. In the second stage, the detailed elaboration of the initial ideas will take place.

Start of the first stage: 22.11.2021
Submission of the designs for the first stage: 15.02.2022

The following international architectural offices are taking part:

ACME (London / Berlin) • agps architecture (Zurich/L.A.) • ASTOC (Cologne) • Caspar Schmitz Morkramer (Cologne) • Christoph Kohl Stadtplaner Architekten (Berlin) • Cityförster (Hannover) • COBE (Kopenhagen) • DMSW Architekten (Berlin) • Hadi Teherani Architects (Hamburg) • HENN (Berlin) • JSWD Architekten (Köln) • KCAP, Rotterdam • KSP ENGEL (Berlin) • LOVE Architecture (Graz) • Michels Architekturbüro (Berlin) • O+O Baukunst (Berlin) • OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten (Munich) • REICHER HAASE ASSOZIIERTE (Berlin) • Robert Neun Architekten (Berlin) • Sauerbruch + Hutton (Berlin), schneider + schumacher (FFM) • Thomas Hillig Architekten (Berlin)