Here they are: The results of the workshop process

In cooperation with the district of Mitte, we conducted a workshop process from June to August this year. These workshops with the participation of representatives from the district, the senate administrations (SenSW, SenWEB and SenUVK), local businesses (e.g. Frauenhofer-Institut, GSG, TU Berlin, Berliner Unterwelten etc.), neighbours and interested citizens are part of an open project development for finding ideas for future uses. Ideas, hints and comments were collected and discussed together. The aim of the process was to develop a commercially and politically accepted new neighbourhood that is designed for attractive and sustainable uses and will be in demand by users and citizens alike in the long term. This broad and early involvement of knowledge bearers and experts before the procedural steps of urban land use planning is an important concern for us.

The entire process was supported by an illustrator (graphic recorder). The resulting illustrations, which are reproduced in the report, visualise the discussions in the workshop talks, but not always their results.

The result of the workshop process consists of a result plan and a textual-conceptual appendix. In the latter, the essential contents concerning identity, unique selling points, uses and distribution of uses, urban development as well as traffic, development and public space were defined, which could be achieved as a result of the process among all participants.

Both documents can be downloaded here. For the moment they are only available in German.

The report on the results forms the basis for the urban planning ideas competition that will now follow with invited architectural firms.

We would like to thank all participants and especially the committed citizens for their constructive participation in the workshops. We found the process extremely inspiring, constructive and purposeful. We think we have taken a big step towards anchoring our project as an added value for the neighbourhood and its surroundings and look forward to the next steps together with them.

Thank you!